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 infos sur les modifs à venir

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MessageSujet: infos sur les modifs à venir   Mer 16 Jan - 16:36

bon ca date de 3-4 jours (oui je suis plus autant à l'affût qu'avant )(trop de kung fu fighting ces temps-ci)

c'est tiré de BG et ca vient d'interviews de SE (ya qq jours donc)



Evasion Bonus
I @ 15
II @ 45
III @ 75

Accuracy Bonus
I @ 30
II @ 60

Subtle Blow
I @ 25
II @ 45
III @ 65


Resist Silence
I @ 10
II @ 40
III @ 70

Clear Mind
I @ 20
II @ 35
III @ 50
IV @ 65

Then theres a big interview with the developers about WotG so far. How the Mission and Quests flow together (Storyline, Nation Quests, Storyline) and stuff about Campaign and the new mobs we have seen so far.

Then theres a section for the Jobs

- The new jobs were designed to be strong support jobs. Before, everyone would be subbing Ninja or White mage, and this was meant to change all that.

* Dancer was made to be a front line healer. It excels on Tough and Very Tough mobs where it can quickly gain TP and do good damage. It may suffer on IT mobs and up due to low accuracy, so that:s where WHM and RDM can still shine.

- A. Flourish is weaker than Provoke, but consume 2 Finishing Moves boosts its effect closer to a Provoke.

- B. Flourish boosts only your own Weapon Skill. It can consume up to 3FM. Using 1 boosts Accuracy, 2 boosts Accuracy and Attack Power, and 3 boosts Acc Attk and Crit Hit rate. Because Evisceration is the only WS with Crit Hit chances, uses 3FM isn:t that useful until high levels.

- W. Flourish it like activating the properties of all level 1 skillchains at once. Level 3 chains cannot be made from it, nor can Distortion or Gravitation.

* Scholar plays like a BLM or RDM early on until it gets more of its unique abilities. We have heard complaints that it is hard to sub BLM because of the lack of Blink and Stoneskin. Also, choosing SCH as a support to BLM poses the same issue. We are considering added abilities to make the choice more enticing.

- Scholar is meant to do direct damage like a BLM, but spread out over time. To help the party understand a Scholar:s contribution better, the initial damage is shown, and that same amount of damage is then inflicted as the incriments of the DoT damage. (I:m too full and sleepy to word that better)

- Only one Helix can be active, so Scholars cannot all stack different ones on a single enemy.

* Artifact Armor is coming soon

Dengeki magazine also had some WotG junk, a look at the Mercenary Camp BCNM, and another interview about Job Adjustments. Here is what we can expect:

An ability that gives some special effect for causing the enemy to target you. You take damage, but get to counter attack and gain TP. They are looking to improve Warrior as a tank, and are thinking along the lines of a special stance they can use. (sounds like Hasso/Seigan talk)

An ability that reduces the amount of attacks and improves kicks. Hand-to-hand attacks decrease, and the strength of each kick is boosted. They worried over how exactly to implement this... weaken punches? Increase punch delay? They also want to add another ability to precent the enemy from gaining TP.

White Mage
Plan to add more Teleport spells.
We are planning to add Teleport spells for areas in the past.

Black Mage
They wish to add methods to reduce the resist rate of Skillchains as well as provide more oppurtunities for their usage. Also looking to add a number of new spells, including a Warp2 kind of spell that will send people to towns of the past. It won:t send you to a homepoint, but rather to your affiliated nation. It will be unable to be used with a BLM sub.

Red Mage
Magic that will provide Red Mages more chances to fight with their sword. It won:t have Red Mages constantly on the front lines of battle, but since we bothered to give them such prowess with the sword, we would like to see them used more as magical swordsmen.

Magic that will reflect back damage that is reduced by a shield. We:re planning to add a spell like Dread Spikes for PLD only, that will shoot back damage at the enemy that was blocked by a shield.

Dark Knight
Since they are attackers enhanced with magical ability, we want to add more unique spells for them to use.

Pet food that cures status ailments. Right now, you can only cure these by using Reward with certain AF equipment on. Also, we are looking to shorten the recast timer.

An ability where you can focus songs on to a single target.

An ability that allows you to perform a WS using just 100 TP. A Samurai can then solo WS and still be sure to have TP to do Skillchains when another party member is ready.

Ninjutsu that provides a Sneak Effect. Also, an ability that lowers enmity for a short period of time, and then shoots it back up to its original level.

We want to increase the variety of actions and attack patterns a wyvern can employ.

An ability lets you recover MP from a summoned elemental. Weather and Day will have an effect. "As for new Avatars, I:m sorry but I cannot say anything as of yet."

Blue Mage
New spells will be added in the next Version Update. They will include abilities from monsters in the past.

New rolls for the new jobs are planned. Quick Draw charges will be able to be stored up just like a Scholar:s abilities.

New attachments will be added, and existing attachements will receive adjustments. High level Automatons will get new Weapon Skills. They are looking at more ways to improve the Automaton itself. Possibilities include a new frame.


voilà ... sympa tout ca (même si ca change pas beaucoup de ce qu'ils avaient dit avant l'add on, ca serait bien de mettre ca en place avant noel ... 2010)

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MessageSujet: Re: infos sur les modifs à venir   Mer 16 Jan - 16:49

Bruit de couloir ---> méga MAJ pour mi-février /cheer et prions que les sources soient fiables

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MessageSujet: Re: infos sur les modifs à venir   Jeu 17 Jan - 11:46

Citation :
We want to increase the variety of actions and attack patterns a wyvern can employ.

/em bave

hola calme toi rag comme dit mercure esperons qu il applique ca avant 2010.

comme je l'avais etendu avant noel. moi j' attend de voir le communquer de la prochaine maj par SE himself pour confirmer son contenu.

/em se retient de ne pas s'emporter trop vite
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MessageSujet: Re: infos sur les modifs à venir   

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infos sur les modifs à venir
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